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I saw this photo of my oldest daughter (taken on her 3rd birthday earlier this year) this morning and was reminded by her for like the 10th time that I promised her a photo shoot with balloons this balloons to be, we are heading up into the high country this week to do so...I will post them in a few days...I am so excited as it has been a while since I dedicated a photo shoot to just my girls...


I also wanted to write a little about copyright...In this digital age, it is way to easy to take images off a website or blog...and I think that a lot of people don't realize that it is illegal to do so without the express written consent from the author or artist that was commissioned to do the work...I love having a blog and I love sharing images and sneak peeks with my clients...and I do offer digital packages and those do come with my permission to reproduce the images...It would break my heart to think that someone is taking the images off my blog or website in an unethical manner...I have too much trust in people in thinking someone doesn't do this, but have seen some things recently that opened my eyes a little more. I don't want to have to stop putting up sneak peeks or have to just post one image... Of course I LOVE doing what I do...and of course I would LOVE it if you want to show off the photos...but the photos need to be purchased in a digital package or in print in order to do so.  These are my guidelines and enforceable by our legal system.  If you would like images to share on facebook or any other networking site, please ask me and I can get you some with my logo on it~I will also start offering a package just for that.  Please please respect my art and livelihood as I would do the absolute same for you.

**All photos taken by me and posted on any of my sites are copyright heidi chowen photography, llc....It is illegal to copy, scan, save to your hard drive, print or reproduce in any manner these images without my express written consent.  Please respect my art and livelihood. Thank you.**

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Awwww.....How cute is the now 8 month old little ~c~...  I can't believe it has been 8 months since I photographed her last...Time sure does fly too fast...

It was such a pleasure seeing this lovely family again.  Our next photo shoot is scheduled for when she is walking...I can't wait...I absolutely love that I get to photograph the different stages of a baby's as well as a family's life...


p.s. double click on the slideshow to see full-screen...and for some reason there are issues if you use Firefox browser as it freezes should be able to scroll left to right in the little gallery below the main photo...I am checking to see why this is, so in the meantime, either restart your browser or use something other than Firefox...:)

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ashley folkema:

Your work is just precious! My favorite is little c in the swing. Beautiful work :)

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I am so impressed by this young woman.  She has so much talent and has more self-awareness than anyone I have ever known at her age & she is so incredibly gorgeous inside and out.  She has a lot of wonderful things in her future as she is a person that makes things happen and does so with honesty and integrity.  I love that...

~p.s. She told me she thought I could be 25 if she did not know my real age & that I had two gotta love that...:) Seriously gotta love that:)...That made my day for sure:)~

Tori ~ Thank you for being so wonderful.  I hope you love these...there are more to come!

~I asked the uber talented Alana with Mixed Greens Event Design to create some gorgeous hairpieces to compliment the ballet photos and I was blown away by what she made...I wanted more of a fashiony feel and she nailed it ~ she even used live plants on the main one...Tori and I actually ran out of time on the photo shoot, so I have another one hair piece I am going to have to find another model for...:)  Thank you so much Alana ~ you are amazing!  I think these would make incredible bridal accessories for that bride that wants something unique and gorgeous~


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Gabby Lorenzen:

Not saying anything that hasn't already been said, these are outstanding Heidi, really fantastic!


Tori, you have been beautiful since the day you were born!! Thank you Heidi, for bringing out some of Tori's outward beauty, these photos are lovely!


Ooooh I love the ballerina pics in the water! They are gorgeous! Magazine gorgeous!

Bethany Dawn Burns:

A M A Z I N G!!! The last ones in the water are to die beautiful heidi! Everytime I see a new post I am in awe and don't even know what to say. Your work is out of this world!

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Meet my new will see a lot of her as the year goes on...she is a student at Durango High School and an amazing dancer...I will post more photos in a couple days..I just had to share at least one with you:) 

Thank you Tori~you are absolutely gorgeous inside and out!

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I was so excited when I got the request to photograph Nicole, her husband as well as her sister that is visiting from The Netherlands...I remember the first time I met Nicole as I was so excited that I recognized her Dutch accent...I know that sounds so silly, but I had lived in Holland for a year studying abroad and absolutely loved it there...the people, the country, the lifestyle & of course the trams and awesome bike that got me around everywhere...and I have to say that I have never met an unattractive person from that meeting her & her sister of course made me remember how tall, blonde, tan, smart and gorgeous everyone in Holland is~I am not kidding...

I am so excited for the special bundle of love that is coming to them and am so honored they wanted me to take these photos of them...The last ones are a recreation of a childhood photo and their memory of that moment in was so fun and I just loved spending time with them..

N~I hope you love them...and there are more to come in your gallery...

p.s. double click on the gallery and a full-screen version will appear...and no, I did not do anything to B's eyes or yours...that is all you, the light and what you were born with...amazing...


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Hi Heidi! Many of my friends (some comments you have read) love the pictures!..and so do I! So who knows...may be you will become an international photographer some day! I'm back in NL and just had to take yet another look at the pictures. The older I get, the more sentimental and therefore find it more difficult to live far apart from my sister. These pictures sure help...and definetly shows how much fun we have when we are together. Looking forward to the full Gallery. Thank you so much for making the time to take these pictures! X


It's so fun to get on the Heidi's blog and recognize friends. These photos are gorgeous as are the subjects. Wow!

Ida Smildiger:

Heidi, please come and visit The Netherlands again!! We all talk with that dutch accent..and at the same time..please do make more of those beautifull pictures you've made of Brigitte who,s my girlfriend and her sister Nicole..and indeed I'm sure you'll be the first to make pictures of the new little bundle of love that will soon join them..Isn't life fantastic sometimes!..Thanks for sharing!
Ida from the Hague NL

Jill t'Sas:

Absolutely stunning photos of two of my favorite girls ever! You both are beautiful!

"Aunt Jill"

heidi chowen:

I would LOVE to visit Holland again! It has a special place in my heart.

Karin Asberg:

These photographs are absolutely great !! Brigitte is a close friend of mine and forwarded the link. I'm sure Nicole and Brigitte's parents are going to love these photographs!
I would like to invite Heidi to Holland and do a similar session for my family :)

Jolynn Reed:

These are beautiful--you have captured not only the outer beauty, but their inner beauty shines thru, too. (Nicole and Bridgette are friends of mine). Thanks for sharing!!

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