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...I have debated on whether to post this or not, but finally came to the conclusion that I want the people who love my photography to know a little about me...nothing too exciting, just a bit of who I am, how I got here and what I absolutely love...I want to give a little insight as to who I am and my history with art to set me apart from "just another photographer"...I hope this helps you get to know a little about me...

...I remember growing up always wanting to be an artist...I started drawing and painting at a very young age and took as many art classes as I could...I fondly remember one of my childhood friend's mother who was an amazing artist. I vividly remember all the art supplies carefully organized in canisters along the art tables, counters and windows...I mean tons of them. All organized by type and color...but "artist" organized, not super clean or perfect...just like they had been used and placed quickly back where they were supposed to go but able to be used right away... I loved that...I loved everything about the colors, the paper, the brushes, and the creating of something beautiful...As I grew older, I wanted more of it...I did fine in all my other studies, but art was by far, my favorite. My grandfather was an artist/illustrator for Disney back in the day and I loved just the notion that I was related to an artist...that kept my hope alive that I could do it too...

...I moved to Durango in the middle of my high school years and the only thing that made it easier were my art classes...I took them all:)...I instantly connected with my art teachers...they were so amazing...they made me feel like I belonged...I graduated with academic honors and received academic scholarships to a couple different colleges, including Fort Lewis...but my secret favorite thing is that I was entered into the National Art Honors Society as well as chosen as the Senior Artist of the Year when I graduated...if anyone out there has moved to a new city and knows how hard it is, then you may understand how honored and special I felt when told these things my last year of high school...It made it real that I might be able to pursue being an artist after high school...

...But then, you second guess yourself anyways...or at least I did...How could I possibly make it as an artist? What kind of stable job would I have? blah, blah, blah...I started off as an art major, not really thinking about what I would do after college...but all of a sudden I felt pressured to make a decision on what to do with my, with one year away from graduating, I switched majors...and I graduated with an International Business Degree...what? I know...I just thought it may be really amazing to learn multiple languages and somehow incorporate the fashion world into it... so I set my sights on Parsons Design School and a move to Paris...I know what you are thinking...where did fashion come into play?...I forgot to mention that I LOVE the entire theatrics of a fashion show, the creating of clothing as well as the photographs that accompany love all of it and consider it an very beautiful art...So, I did the student exchange thing, lived in Europe and went to school while traveling across Europe. While there I visited each and every art museum I possibly could...I was kind of obsessed...well, because they are amazing...and I planned on going to Parsons as soon as I graduated college (I think I still have the vhs tape they send you when you apply)...I dreamed of one day having my own art gallery...a beautiful modern art gallery.... as well as doing something, anything in the fashion industry...

...well...then I came home, graduated...and...happened to meet the love of my life, my husband, Daniel... who knew he would be right in Durango too...and on a blind date set-up to top it all off...seriously...I never would have thought that... 10 years later we have two gorgeous have a super blessed life...and I am now able to fulfill the artist in me...and do it with photography...and to my surprise, I have the most amazing clients who hire me to photograph them...that is the most extraordinary thing ever...I LOVE making people feel beautiful and taking images that freeze a moment, a kiss, a smile, a hug all while creating a piece of art...all the special moments that I share with my husband and daughters make me appreciate every single day...I get to capture that for other people...That is so special to me and I do not take that for granted...It is very exciting to me that I get to do what I absolutely love and make people happy all at the same time...It is like all the paths in my life led me to this place...

...extra little tidbits...I have been doing graphic design and using adobe photoshop & other various adobe design products for over 12 years the blend of all of my nerdy computer skills and obsession with art just blend together quite perfectly:)...

...Ahh...what a dream...and I want to take this SO many please stay and enjoy it with me!  I can't wait for all that lies ahead...I still dream of a modern art gallery of my own...who knows:) new downtown boutique office is a start...

...Here are a few photos (of two cutie pie sisters) for those of you who do not feel like reading this or to at least make up for boring you to death :) ...

Lots and lots of love...



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great post, heidi! it's so cool to see a little glimpse of the journey you took to become the amazing artist that you are. your stories are very inspiring...although reading them makes me wish i wasn't so boring! :-)

Ginna Pena-Castro:

Heidi you are ART. we are all so lucky to get to see LIFE thru your eyes.


Heidi - You are beautiful my friend, inside and out...I think it is amazing that you have taken your art into photography. I remember always wishing I had one of your paintings and thinking how cool it was that they were hung on your parents walls like "real" art. I'm excited now to get to have some of your photos on my walls. Your clients are all blessed to have you behind the lense. Muah!

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...l'amant de n'importe quoi le français...
...with high hopes and aspirations...
...this beauty has a bright future ahead of her...

I absolutely love how she found me & how it came to be that I photographed her...I wish her all the best in life...

beaucoup d'amour...

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Wow, truly beautiful!!


Ahhhhh your so sweet with your french!! Thank you so much for doing my pictures, I'm so so glad it was you! xoxo

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...I just thought I would share a few more images before baby ~c~ gets here:)...
...lots of love to this family & I can't wait to meet him!...


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Kim Woodson:

Kim, you look amazing! These pictures are gorgeous! Heidi did such an incredible job. Amazing! ~L~ is just too sweet. He is going to be such a good big brother.


Thank you! I love them! Somehow you managed to make me look good in the final stages-you truly have a gift! I love the pics of Lucas-what a little model!

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...this family is so wonderful and I love how they want to document their lives through photography...
...and I get to watch their family grow...
...I love that part of what I do so very very much...
...images of little ~l~'s baby brother coming soon...we just have to wait for him to make his grand entrance into this world...

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Jennifer O.:

Such a beautiful shot!

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...a sneak peek at images of a stunning bride getting ready on her beautiful wedding day...
...more to come...
...lots more...

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...doy las gracias con todo mi corazón!...I just translated what you wrote and am so grateful for your kind words...It means so much...I hope that we do get to meet someday and am so glad you love the photos...Your daughter is so beautiful, so it is easy to take photos of her:)...xoxo

Maria Hilda :

Heidi I not speak english, speak spanish, vivo en Colombia - Sur América, soy la mamá de Ginna pollock, hice traducir tu página, quería conocer un poco sobre una ARTISTA DEL ALMA como tú. Me emocioné muchísimo con TODAS tus fotografias son bellísimas! Espero algún día vengas a Colombia podamos disfrutar de este arte tuyo maravilloso. Exitos con tu galería y que así como captas la esencia y haces sentir emociones tan grandes ; se hagan realidad tus sueños.

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