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denver_wedding_photographer_zzz.jpg~Vali and Travis~

The city of Denver has much to offer in the way of artistic inspiration.  It is a photographer's dream come true with a vibrant downtown, amazing architecture and lines upon texture at every turn. Throw in a local couple that could double as models and you have the perfect set up for an unforgettable engagement session. 

Vali and Travis made things easy as they provided the most important thing in capturing a life image...emotion.  The session took place two days prior to their wedding and they managed to trade in anticipation and stress for the genuine passion they have shared for nearly ten years. We landed at some great locations such as the Denver Public Library, 16th Street Mall, the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, assorted parking garages, alleys and even the occasional manhole cover spewing steam.

We were very fortunate to capture this very hip, sexy & fun couple.  They represent the standard for urban cool...The wedding was so very sweet too, but that is another story...coming very soon...

*The hardest part was narrowing down images to post...please take a look at the slide show at the end of this post...There are some surprises in there:)...oh, & view in is worth it...xoxo

xoxo-heidi & daniel




denver_wedding_photographer_2h.jpg on bottom image to play video...

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Vali Hooker:

I've watched the stunning slideshow a mere ten times, that's just today. It's so very delish, thank you for these wonderful photos. We love them and the two of you just ooze with talent. Denver is lucky to have you here!

gai hooker:

Heidi, I cannot stop looking at these fantastic photos of my son Travis & my new daughter Vali - you are amazing, thank you !!

Rayen Ortiz:

These are amazing, creative and lively pics. I love them!!! Almost feel like I know them and their love for each other. wow...


AMAZING... as always.

Doug Chapin:

heidi I heart yu! amazing


man these two sure like to kiss! so cute. i love the one in the library with her cool red heels and him in the background. and all the reflection shots.

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Lorean Cairns is an amazingly talented hair & make-up stylist. When she contacted me to photograph some of her work for her portfolio (showcasing her hair styling talent), I was thrilled. When we met, we instantly knew we were meant to work on this together too.  I LOVE collaborating with talented artists to create beautiful art.  Not only did I get to work with Lorean, but Nina Q was the amazing fashion stylist behind the looks.  It has been an amazing journey to see how it all evolved over the series of shoots.

Lorean is currently at Lemonhead in Durango, but will be calling NYC home later this summer...I can't wait to work with her & Nina on fashion shoots in the big apple too.

Here was the first day of the series with each style evolving into another.  Lorean, Nina and Jaime (the GORGEOUS model) were just amazing to work with.

Here are a few of my favorite images from day one. 
I will be posting the shoots in series, so stay tuned for more.



Look one started off like this...

Polka Dot Shirt: Vintage Lanvin
Jeans: J Brand
Vintage Belt

*double click slide shows to see in full-screen versions*


...then evolved into this...

Dress: YSL
Jewelry: Chanel


..and here is the beautiful & talented Lorean...



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Bethany Dawn Burns:

WOW!!! These photos are nothing short of AMAZING! And she is stunning! I love the one of her standing in the stair way. Wonderful work Heidi!

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The bride & groom we photographed this past weekend had amazing style.
Wait until you see these precious loubies in color.
Love = fabulous.
Christian Louboutin = fabulous.


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We may just have a little fashionista or maybe just a perfectionist on our hands.
I apparently did not have enough lip gloss on, so my little Jolie fixed that for me.

*photos taken by Daniel Chowen*



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So, my beautiful lifelong friend calls me one day...
"Heidi, I am getting married and I would love for you to be my matron of honor."
I was ecstatic for her. She had found her true love and perfect partner in life, Mario.
These two are so meant for one another. They laugh constantly and I LOVE that so much.  I was able to capture some photos of their wedding and while I was not taking photos, my very talented hubby, Daniel, took over for me.  These are just a few of my favorites from their special San Diego beach wedding.

Kristy and I have known each other since birth and seriously spent the first half of our lives inseparable, then my family moved to Durango, CO.  We have stayed close for the last 31.5 years and she means the world to me. I am so blessed that she is in my life and I adore her husband and I am so happy they have found each other.

What I didn't realize while enjoying their special day was that it was not just their beginning of a new life together, but a necessary moment in time for my husband and I to realize we were due for a new beginning as well.  Sun + beach can do strange things for your take on life and help isolate what is most important to the family's happiness as each day passes by faster and faster.

Long story short, we decided it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful little home town and forge a path together in to the city with aspirations of landing at our own special place along the beach in the future.  Our hearts and creative minds have centered on Denver where we already enjoy many wonderful friends and are addicted to the endless pallets the city holds for capturing what we see as artists.  This move just feels right.  We will treat Denver as our hub for traveling to our clients in CO, CA, NY, special destinations, and of course Durango (where we will come back often to visit family, friends & of course, schedule photo sessions).  I, along with my husband, expect to continue offering the best service I can to all past and future clients while expanding as artists and offering a very special look into the lives of those we are lucky enough to work with and call our friends.

We want to show our daughters that you can follow your dreams and be happy in everything that you do ~ no matter what it is. We want to be the happiest parents so that they can be the happiest of children.

So, we are embarking on a beautiful adventure to make a new life in a new city that we love and go explore the world while taking photographs for the most amazing clientele.
If you would like us to photograph you, please don't hesitate to contact us as we will travel to any location and welcome the new adventures!

Estimated time of departure from Durango to Denver is late summer 2010...stay tuned...




san_deigo_wedding_photographer_001.jpg hubby's reaction right after we made the decision to move...
...oh how I heart the happiness it has created...


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well lady, i'm just thrilled for you. I LOVE what you said about making yourselves happy so your girls will learn how to do that for themselves. That's my mantra as a parent!! Way to follow what gets you going!!! And how awesome is it that both you and Daniel are into the same pursuit...!


Heidi - You guys did an amazing job with the pics! I love that Daniel ran to the water after you decided! Your girls are so luck to have both of are making a move that is going to bring so many opportunities to your family. Cheers to your new journey and being close to an airport so we can visit more often!!!! I love you and cherish our friendship so much Muah!

Amy Daniels:

Wow, I just totally teared up with the last picture of Daniel...the excitement I have for you and your family is tremendous! Go get it...I'm so proud of you both! By the way, remember back when little Hazel was your first client and I said you were destined for massive success...I TOLD YOU SO!
Much love,
Amy D

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